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The 'Peace of Mind For Parents' (POMP) out of school care projects are not for profit services run by Cumbernauld YMCA-YWCA which is a voluntary organisation and registered charity.  The Association has provided a broad range of childcare and youth services since 1960.  The POMP project began in 1989 with no funding support and now supports over 900 families per year through it's childcare service alone.  The project receives little in the way of direct funding and development of the service and enhancement of facilities is primarily due to successful association fund-raising.

Details of our childcare services can be found on the back of our leaflet or here

Cumbernauld YMCA-YWCA has a voluntary Board of Directors who employ an executive staff to promote and develop programmes and services for the benefit of local communities and people.  All activities operate within YMCA Scotland 'Working Towards Excellence' & 'Scottish Quality Management System (SQMS)' quality awards.  Each service has a designated Manager who ensures the service meets the quality standards laid down by the Association, local authority and Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care (Care Commission).

Staff are fully vetted in line with YMCA quality standards, Disclosure Scotland, Care Commission and the Scottish Social Services Council.  A comprehensive management structure is in place to ensure supervision of staff at all times.

Staff are trained to a minimum of SVQ level 2 in Playwork up to graduate level.  All staff receive an induction to the association policies and procedures.  Staff also take additional training in relevant subjects including Child Protection, first Aid, Equal Oportunities, Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, Arts & Crafts, Games, and Elementary Food Hygiene.

Anyone who requires the service for a school age child may apply for a place.  Part-time places are available but priority is given to full time requests and thereafter to lone parents all else being equal.  We only collect from schools linked to one of our sites (see base info for linked schools), However, children can attend from unlinked schools provided parents organise own escort/transport.

Yes - provided there is a vacancy and the needs of your child can be accommodated within our facility and adult / child ratios of 1-10 term time or 1-8 holiday time.

Your child may be walked to the base or brought by Y transport, Public transport or taxi in line with local Authority guidelines.

Yes, however, Regular full time (5 afternoon sessions) placement requires have priority. Occasional placement requests equate to someone who uses the service on the odd occasion.  If you require the service regularly, you must book the same days each week on a term time basis and will be deemed a regular user.

Yes you can use the service, provided you register your child with the service and there are vacancies on the days requested.

If you would like to see us in action, please call the Base Team Leader between 4 & 6pm on a weekday to arrange a taster visit.

We operate a grouping system to ensure all children regardless of the number of sessions they attend will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities. The two programmes outlined below are typical Term Time or Day Camp. Children are actively involved in planning the programme.

Sample Term Time Programme (will incorporate special events, celebrations and festivals)

Dodge Ball Free Play Skipping Potato Prints Card Making
Dress Up Dough Pictures Yard Games Hand Games Swings
Painting Swings Cold Baking Computer Games Clay Work
Computer Games Football Table Games TV Video
Table Games Video Snooker Knex Bop-It

Sample Day Camp Programme (always themed - example SPACE)
Mini trip Swings Mini Trip DAY TRIP Yard Games
Making Masks Bubble Painting Leaf Prints Dance Computer Games
Sky Painting Potted Sports Costume Painting Ayr Planets collage
Computer Games Magnet Making Footbal Skills Art Activity Video
Space Hockey Baking Drama Dance Face Painting
Outdoor Games Art Activities Galaxy Treasure Star Painting Carnival Time

  Yes, full Day Camp services (7.30-6pm) are always available at our Kildrum and Lenzie bases.  Subject to viable demand full Day Camps services are also available in Broompark and Thrashbush Services.  We do not operate services during Public Holidays or the Christmas through New Year closure.  We may also have to close services due to elections, extremes of bad weather, strikes or other emergency situations out with our control.  A skeleton service may be available in Kildrum after the New Year closure and before the schools start back, subject to demand.

If you are offered a regular term time place this is guaranteed for the year.  Annual term time costs are covered by a standard weekly fee which you pay every week for the duration of the school year ,inclusive of child absence + stated closures + school mid terms & Inset closures even if you choose not to use the service at these times. Our preferred method of payment is by direct debit.  The Summer Day Camp operates and is charged as a seperate service, but regular term time users are guaranteed a place provided they book in advance.  If you register as an Occasional user there is no guarantee of a place at any time and fees must be paid in advance of sessions used.

Session fees are subject to an annual increase and discounts are available to regular full week term time users.  A 12 noon-3pm session is available for the first 6 weeks for Primary 1 children at Lenzie & Kildrum.

School Days - before school 1½ hrs, After school 2 or 3 hrs.  Mid terms & Inset days - full day only.  Summer - full days only.  We are please that we can deliver and sustain a high quality service at well below the national average session rate. 



TAX CREDITS - Make sure you are claiming all tax credits available towards your childcare costs.  Call the Inland Revenue helpline on - 0845 3003900.  A website is also available for parents to apply online -

We offer assisted places for families on low income, who cannot access childcare tax credits or who find themselves in need of emergency childcare.

If you or someone you know is in this position and you think we can assist, please contact us in confidence.

Our staff team is vetted in line with YMCA, Disclosure Scotland. Care Commission and Social Services register requirements.